Elevate Your Sleep Experience with BioRingo

Experience the best in sleep tracking with BioRingo, a market leader in the field. Gain invaluable insights into your sleep quality and embark on a journey towards more restful nights tailored to your unique sleep patterns.

Key Features of BioRingo Sleep Tracking:

Daily Sleep Score:

Each morning, BioRingo asks your body a simple question: “How did you sleep last night?” The answer is revealed through a comprehensive analysis of your sleep stages, temperature trends, and heart rate from the previous night. These insights serve as your body’s voice, guiding you towards an improved sleep score.

Bedtime Tips:

BioRingo assists you daily with graphical reminders, indicating when you should start winding down to enhance your sleep quality.

Sleep Stages:

Discover whether you’re receiving adequate deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep. With BioRingo, you can actively prioritize your health even while you’re asleep.

Blood Oxygen, HRV and Heart Rate Measurement (SpO2):

Through nighttime monitoring of your Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate and HRV, BioRingo can detect signs of respiratory distress, providing an extra layer of security for your well-being.

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