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Unmatched Consistency in Performance Across Styles

Ready for Anything: Water-Resistant Design
With a water-resistant design, you can confidently wear your ring come rain or shine, ensuring that it remains your constant health companion.

Feather-Light Comfort for Daily Wear
Experience comfort like never before with our health smart rings, which are significantly lighter than traditional rings.

Titanium Toughness Meets Style
Crafted from premium titanium, our smart health rings embody both durability and style.

A Charger Tailored to Your Ring Size
For added convenience, each health smart ring is accompanied by a size-specific charger and a user-friendly USB-C cable.

Precision in Placement: Optimal Sensor Location for Accuracy
To ensure the utmost accuracy in health readings, we recommend wearing your health smart ring with the sensors positioned on the palm side of your finger. This strategic placement allows our sensors to capture vital metrics with pinpoint precision, providing you with confidence in monitoring your health.

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Gold, Black

BioRingo Size

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


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